Delete autorun.inf virus!!!!

       Sometimes we find the autorun.inf virus in our system drives or USB drives .There are many ways to delete it .I am enlisting some method below:

 Method 1:

 You can download  "AutorunExterminator".It is very helpful to remove autorun.inf from USB devices or from system drives. If u want to download this software u can download it from the liknk given below :


Click on it to download the software.

Method 2:

  • Go to Start--> Run --> cmd
  • Type the following command  del /a:rhs [name of the drive]:autorun.inf 

In the [name of the drive] give the driver name from which you want to delete the autorun.inf.Suppose the virus in F: drive.So in command prompt type     del / a:rhs F:autorun.inf

  • Now see the result by rebooting your system.

Method 3:

    1)  Flash_Disinfector.exe is another software which help to delete it from the link given below:

     2)Run the program and  follow the instruction .After finishing your scan restart your system.